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Custom Folders disappearing issue

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Hi Guys,

I'm new in this forum despite I am a "long-term Crap Cleaner" user :-)

It means it worked and works for me fine

Recently I decided to use Custom Folders which were cleaned as expected... and then I encountered this problem (see topic) when I have to restore Custom Folders List periodically.

Being a good boy I searched the forum before posting. And mainly found the answer.

The conclusion is: using another reg cleaner can inflict pain in this area.

So my question mainly has to be changed and now it sounds like this:

Are there any info describing how Ccleaners' developers are going to address this issue?

Thanks in advance


what about old fashion ini or cnf? They even can be encrypted/passworded

Who says that the whole idea of the Registry is good?

I think that it is not. More over the way it is implemented it is actually - Crap. Oh, Yeah! Right! - that's why we have to clean Crap out of it... forgot :-)


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what about old fashion ini
  1. Run CCleaner (make sure you have the newest version installed).

  2. Click Options, Advanced, and place a tick in the last selection which is:

    Save all settings to INI file

    This will completely remove all CCleaner setting from the registry and store them in:

    C:\Program Files\CCleaner\CCleaner.ini


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Thanks for replying, Andavari.

Silly me!

What can I say, ... brainwashed by mightiness of stupid Registry...

How may times I was there in "Advanced"?

Our eyes see (ini), our mind just ignores it

Best regards

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