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Add Memory Cleaner Function

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I am new to the forum.


CCleaner is an EXCELLENT app. It is well designed and very effective. One improvement that would be useful is to add


a function to detect and clean memory leaks. This would be in-line with what CCleaner does well.



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Programs that flush the memory aren't really all that useful, buying more RAM is the ultimate cure.

Funnily enough I was just reading an article about these memory optimising programs the other day. The conclusion was something along the lines of: At best they have no effect and at worst they can seriously damage performance.

Personally I agree, I tried one for a while and found it made no difference, except to cause some programs to crash.


Memory Optimizers

I’ve long railed against these things. The only thing that these programs can do is harm real system performance. My advice, stay away from any “memory optimizer” programs. Don’t believe me? How about taking renowned Windows guru Mark Russinovich’s word for it? In his article entitled “The Memory-Optimization Hoax, RAM optimizers make false promises” he lays out the argument better than I ever could. His conclusion is that these programs are “fraudware” and he has “yet to see a RAM optimizer that lives up to any of its claims.”…’Nuff said!

Source: http://tweakhound.com/xp/xptweaks/supertweaks11.htm

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Went there, and followed some of the links to the Microsoft articles and found out allot of so-called tweaks don't do anything beneficial or are using non-existent values, etc.

Yes theres some good stuff on that site, only stumbled across it a couple of days ago (and have now removed a couple of tweaks that I discovered were useless :rolleyes: )

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