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I have a new computer with Vista and IE7. I used CCleaner with my old computer with XP and IE6.

I have certain "good" cookies I want to keep since they are the user ID and password for sites I bring up. The cookies for these sites used to show up in CCleaner and I would move them to the right side to save them. That way I could check the box to delete cookies to get rid of the rest.

Now they are not coming up for me to save. I don't want to check the delete cookies box then because I will also delete the good cookies.

Is this a result of Vista and IE7 or a problem with CCleaner? My problem is with IE7 I can no longer go into options and bring up cookies in order to keep the good and delete the rest. So maybe I have two problems.

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Check this topic as it is a known problem, though if this does not fix your problem post back.


This bug with IE7 has been reported several times.


(Blutarsky @ Oct 24 2006, 10:07 AM)


IE7 cookie bug


I've finally trapped the problem: it appears to be related to index.dat deletion. To keep cookie data as in the exception list, don't delete index.dat.... probably in the new IE7 index.dat there must be some pointers to cookies; once you delete index.dat some broken links happen and even if cookies are there it's like they aren't.......until a fix is there,,,,,



I concur with your findings. Even though "Cookies" is unchecked/disabled in CCleaner, all cookies are deleted in IE7 and that it is most likely related to the "index.dat" file. If you look in "Internet Options", on the "General" tab, under "Browsing History", you will see that IE7 now includes "Cookies", "History", "Saved Passwords", etc. in it's own "Delete Files" utility.


Whether or not CCleaner will be able to be programmed to circumvent this and only delete selected items rather than the entire gamut in IE7 as it does now will be interesting to see.




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