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Add "cleaning Complete" Sound & Visual Effect

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When I use CCleaner as a background task (right click on the Waste Basket and then select "Run CCleaner") the only way I know it's finished is by watching the Hard Disk light until it stop's flickering or to check Task Manager to see if the process has disappeared. Could you possibly add an option that let's us assign a sound effect to play when CCleaner has finished ?

I've noticed that other programs do this by adding an entry in CONTROL PANEL - SOUNDS & AUDIO DEVICES - SOUNDS TAB for that program and then the user can add a desired sound effect for the desired action that the program completes, e.g. Avast AntiVirus does this for completing a virus check & other programs like Download Manager's also do this within their own programs to show when a download is completed. Or you could add this idea internally to the program and give us the option to choose a sound effect for the completion of a background cleaning task AND a normal cleaning task (when the CCleaner window is open) ??

As well as this it could be a good idea to show some kind of on-screen popup when a background clean has finished that says "Cleaning Complete" like Opera & Firefox do when a download has finished (a small inobtrusive popup appears for 5 seconds in the bottom right hand corner saying "Downloads Complete" and then disappears)...

Or the idea that I had was to generate a circle (with a small thickness) around the Waste Basket that colour cycles and when the cleaning has finished it disappears. Therefore the user not only sees that the Waste Basket is empty because CCleaner has done it's job, but also that CCleaner has finished all the background cleaning too because the circle has disappeared... I only say this as sometimes I've noticed that even though the Waste Basket might be emptied during a cleaning session, CCleaner is still churning away in the background for maybe a minute more completing other tasks. What do other users think of this ?

At then end of the day their just ideas I had that would make CCleaner better than it already is, but as it's your program you can always tell me to shove it :lol:

Hope you can help...





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I think thats a pretty good idea to have some sort of audio or visual notification of cleaning finished. Not something I've thought of before but would certainly use it.

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I like that idea.


Somehow invoke the selected Empty Recycle bin sound.

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