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Timothy Bereman

Word settings are lost

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Even with the latest version of CCleaner (1.34.407), when I select Office 2003 in the Applications section, customized settings in Word are lost. Text boundaries are turned off, Allow starting in Reading Layout is turned on, and Recently used file list goes back to the default of 4. In Envelopes and Labels, my default Return address is erased, and Delivery point bar code and FIM-A courtesy reply mail are turned off. These are not settings that should be affected by the running of CCleaner. When are these settings going to be left alone and not changed when cleaning of Office 2003 is selected?

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This has been a gripe of mine for the last year or so and will catch most people out if they don't know the settings will be erased, however it's easy enough to disable the cleaning of Microsoft Office.

  • The only way to keep the Microsoft Office settings is to:
  • Untick Office in the Cleaner area of CCleaner, then it won't touch your Office settings.

  • A tip is to backup your Office 2003 settings in:
  • Start Menu > All Programs > Microsoft Office > Microsoft Office Tools > Microsoft Office 2003 Save My Settings Wizard
  • A good location to save the settings is in My Documents.
  • To restore the settings just run Microsoft Office 2003 Save My Settings Wizard again and choose the Restore option.


I forgot to welcome you to the forums, Welcome to the CCleaner Forums Timothy! :)

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