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another suggestion

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how about when we do "tools" and click on a line we can get

the url/directory tree for it. ??

some of the stuff on my list I have no idea where

they are. search comes up empty.

a couple things were uninstalled prior but still come up on


a couple things would not let me delete from list.

if I knew where they were I could go check them out and

delete if necessary with explorer.

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i think a batch could do that.

that would be nice if someone could make one.

ive been looking for one.

good idea though.

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Good suggestion :)


You can see where all the Uninstall Entries point using HijackThis if needed and also remove entries if they remain on the list after being uninstalled


Download HijackThis


Save it in a convenient permanent folder such as C:\HijackThis\


Open Hijackthis, Click Open the Misc tools section Then click the Open Uninstall Manager... button. The Add/Remove Programs Manager panel should appear.


HijackThis will show the Uninstall Command for each entry in the top right corner which will show you where the files are located and the Delete this entry button will remove it if the files no longer exist.





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