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show more info about startup programs

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i was showing ccleaner to someone and he tried it and thought it was great.

all that was wrong with it was there was no definition of what the startup things were.

he couldnt tell what to stop and what to leave.

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Look it up at http://www.processlibrary.com/. For things not found there which are .exe files using Windows built-in search to find the .exe and right click it when found and select Properties to get an ideal of what it is.


Note: It's much safer and allot wiser to simply disable Startup programs via Start->Run->MSconfig.exe versus actually deleting them should they actually be needed or wanted to start with Windows again.


Better tell your friend not to get too hasty deleting stuff, as deleting the wrong Startup apps can cause problems. He could even post a HijackThis log on here to get advice of what's safe to disable from Startup.

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