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Restoring Registry Question

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I was having some computer problems so as a troubleshooting measure I tried to restore the most recent ccleaner registry backup. I did this by right clicking on the registry backup file and selecting the merge option. All that seemed to happen is that it opened a text file with the deleted registry entries. Did it actually restore the registry entries? I have no way of knowing. When I run the issues scan in ccleaner now, none of the supposedly restored entries show up, so I have my doubts about whether they were actually restored. Any thoughts?

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You may have applied some "security" feature that has changed Merge to open with notepad. Restore this by doing the following:

Start > Run > cmd.exe


When the black box opens, type each of the following exactly as-is and hit enter after each line:

assoc .reg=regfileftype regfile=regedit.exe "%1"

Here it is again outside of a code block, in case the font is too hard to read in the above code block:

assoc .reg=regfile

ftype regfile=regedit.exe "%1"


Both will echo what you typed back at you, which is normal. Then try double clicking on the .reg file again (or right-click > merge, as you did before).

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