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Drive Wiper killing my internet connection

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Hi fellas, not sure what this falls under as it seems to be an odd correlation, but it's happened 3 times now. I wanted to format and wipe 3 different drives, so after a full format on each one I started 3 separate instances of CCleaner to do a 35-pass full erase with the Drive Wiper tool. When I started the third one (the other two had been going for a while) my internet crashed and never recovered. Still nothing after hours, so I aborted the wiping and restarted. Simply reconnecting gave me horrible performance, so I had to restart my modem, router and USB, and after 15 minutes I was finally able to use the internet at full speed again.

I thought, perhaps, starting all those instances was dumb, but I honestly still can't see why as everything else was working fine, I didn't have any performance issues with software/videogames, and the wiping process seemed to carry on just fine, but my internet was completely dead. Nevertheless, I did a full format on everything again and restarted the procedure, this time only one instance after waiting for all the drives to be ready. Immediately as I start the Drive Wiper tool, my internet connection collapses again, so I aborted and went through the exact same procedure as before to restore my connection. Third attempt was identical.

Did I do a stupid? Does anyone have an explanation? Did I encounter a super specific bug? Anything is appreciated. Thank you.

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I can't think of any reason why a drive wipe should kill your internet connection?
(Just out of interest is it always the same drive being wiped, so the 3rd on initially, when it kills it? and I assume that you have rebooted following the first time).

But a 35-pass wipe is overkill, just 1 pass is sufficient these days.
35-pass is only still there for legacy reasons. (and because if you remove it someone will shout that the wiper isn't thorough enough, if they want to wast their time on unnecessary passes then fair enough).

Have a read of this : https://www.howtogeek.com/115573/htg-explains-why-you-only-have-to-wipe-a-disk-once-to-erase-it/

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