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early renewal question

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greeting. todayi had a pop up telling me ccleaner had a sale if i renew early..not due for another 3 month.at the end it show lisence good till feb 2021 but my billing date is still feb 2020. will i be billed again in feb 2020  ?

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I assume that this is the 'Black Friday' offer which was launched today, with a pop-up appearing when you launched CCleaner.

(We are told that you'll see a maximum of 4 'Black Friday' offer pop-ups up to December 3rd when the offer ends).

If your puchase a new licence whilst your current one still has time left on it then the time left will be added on, and the new one will run for one year after your existing one ends.
This means that existing users can take advantage of special offers without losing out.
We have not been told that this particular offer is any different than normal.

If you upgrade to the Pro-plus bundle at the same time then you will get a new licence key for that, and it may take a little longer to add on the existing time.

@Dave CCleaner explained it in a post back in September:


As a side note, if you renew early then you should not lose any time off your licence - if you expire in December 2019 and renew in October 2019 then your licence will run until December 2020.  If when you renew you also upgrade from CCleaner, Defraggler, Speccy or Recuva to the all-in-one CCleaner Pro Plus bundle then this may not be automatic - please allow up to 14 days for your extra time to be credited to your new licence serial key.  If after 14 days you are still not seeing what you should with your expiry date then please poke the custmer support team at support@ccleaner.com and they'll cheerfully sort it out for you.


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