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Hello All, I am running the free addition and every time I run CCleaner it finds two trackers on Internet Explorer, yet I have never used IE on my computer?? This makes we wonder how real the results form a scan really are, what do you think?

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These 'trackers' are actually cookies, not any kind of malware. (Easy Clean/Health Check call all cookies 'trackers').

One (or more) Internet Explorer Cookies are always there whether you use IE or not, Windows puts them there by default.
If you remove them Windows will recreate them.
eg. There is one called 'Depricated cookie' for IE which is always recreated if you delete it. (It simply contains a note saying  that cookies should no longer be stored at that location).
If you don't want to see them everytime when cleaning then you can make them an exception so that CCleaner will ignore them.
(Do a scan in Custom Clean, view the files, right click on the offending cookie, and 'Add to Exclide list').

For more information about both those points see the link in my signature below this post.

Also be aware that other programmes than IE itself will sometimes/often use IE's temporary storage location, and so anything they put in there will show up as being from IE.
It's just a convient place to store temporary files.
Skype is one application that does this, as does Edge in some circumstances, and there are others.

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