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CCleaner Browser automatically installed and made default?

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Well, I updated CCleaner last week, and discovered that the CCleaner browser was installed, and it was also made my default browser. I didn't see any alerts or notifications to that effect when I updated. Is that true, or did I miss something?

I rely on CCleaner to protect me - so this apparent tactic bothers me a lot!

It may be an excellent browser, but the end does not justify the means.

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The offered bundle (One of Avast, CC Browser, etc.) should appear on the first screen of the installer at the bottom, but they are small and pre-ticked and many say it is easy to miss them if you are not looking carefully.
Unwanted bundle installs have been a complaint for a number of years, usually from those who simply did not read carefully what was there and see that it was pre-ticked.
(Although there have been a few cases where the offer wasn't shown so that you could untick it but still downloaded anyway, happened to me once).

As a response to the complaints there is a new version of the installer that makes the offers much clearer by putting them on a seperate, second, page with big, clear, 'Accept' and 'Decline' buttons - but it's still being trialed and while some will see it (about 25% of offers) not everyone sees it yet.
I'm not sure when it will become the default offer screen, but it shouldn't be far away now.

PS. CCleaner will not 'Protect' you - It's a junk cleaner not an anti-malware application.

If you need any help with restoring your default browser, or anything else the CCleaner Browser install may have changed (it usually also changes PDF associations and icons), then please ask.

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