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Recover deleted Ccleaner files

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Hello, I used Ccleaner(default settings) to delete duplicate pictures but some of them are special saved pic´s from my wife. Now I need to recover them.

I run Recuva with an deep scan and I found the deleted files. I have started to recover the data and I was happy but the recovered files are named zzzzzzz.zzz.

I know that Ccleaner changed the name of the data. Has anyone an idea to open or change the files so that I can open it? Do I need a different version of Recuva? Or maybe this was discuss already, when post the link of the conversation. Thank you very much in advance.

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zzzzzzz.zzz files are securely overwritten files, usually by CCleaner as I'm unaware of any other tool that overwrites with that naming scheme. There is no ability to recover such files.

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