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Brave Browser + C-Cleaner???

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I mostly use only the Brave browser but it's not included in the apps list.  How do I go about including it in that list so it's scanned and cleaned?  Thank you.

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It's on a list to be included in future but I don't think it's a priority.
As far as I understand Brave it does most of it's own cleaning anyway, which is the main point of using it.

However I believe it is included in the community 'winapp2', or you can add it to ccleaner yourself, see this post for how to do that:


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If it's a Chromium/Chrome based browser you should be able to use CustomLocation to clean it, but as stated if it already does a good job of cleaning itself then this could cause unforeseen issues, i.e.; you'd have to configure Cookies to Keep, and some addons/extensions might not like the cleaning, etc.

Examples, assuming you configure CCleaner to use INI file for settings instead of the registry, or if you use CCleaner Portable:


Then in CCleaner it would be cleaned in:
Custom Clean > Applications (tab) > Google Chrome

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