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No history in my browser and need to login to Google everytime

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I have recently installed CCleaner, ver5.62..7538 (64 bit) and suddenly, my Firefox browser is not retaining my browsing history and I need to log in to Google sites every time I access them? Is this a result of some setting in CCleaner that I am not aware of? I have followed all the setting instructions in Firefox, but the problem persists. Any guidance on this will be appreciated. Thanks.


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Are you using the Easy Clean option of CCleaner?

Easy Clean uses its own settings and will always clean firefox.

Instead use Custom Clean which gives you more control over what is cleaned and what is not.
You can make Custom Clean the default in Options>Settings>CCleaner Home Screen.

In Custom Clean go to the Applications tab where you should find Firefox.
Alter the settings for Firefox so that it does not clear your Saved Passwords and Saved Forms, that should stop the loging in issue.
(Although for some sites your login status may be saved as a cookie, so you would have to untick 'Cookies' as well if that's the case).
Also untick Internet History of you want to retain your browsing history.

Here's what mine looks like, you can see that the forms and passwords are unticked so will not be cleaned when Custom Clean is run. (They will still be cleared if I run Easy Clean though).
PS. A few users will see the new Health Check instead of seeing Easy Clean, the advice above is the same whichever you see.



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