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Optimization issue

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Hi everyone - first post, hope somebody can help.

I started the 'optimization' process on my 12TB external hard (contains video/music files) drive using Defraggler. It got to 83% and stuck there for a while. Then I noticed from the pie chart display that my hard drive was almost full (was only about 60% full before I started) and guessed that this was the reason for the inactivity.

So I stopped the process. 2 days ago. Since then, Defraggler has been (very slowly) freeing up space on the drive. How long will this process take?

I also notice that my drive now has over 4000 BIN files, all of 1GB in size. Is it ever safe to delete these?

My PC has now been running for 3 days since I started this process. Any help/advice appreciated.


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