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Clearing User Name field history lists?

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I have a couple web sites where I made mistakes and inadvertently typed passwords in username field.  So now the password can be seen when the username field auto populates it history.

How do I clear the list of usernames from that site?  I don't want to clear ALL username list from ALL sites, can I do just certain ones?




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Look at your browser Options.

There should be a section in there called something like 'Saved Logins' where you can see what usernames/passwords the browser is saving for each website.

You should be able to edit or remove individual enties from there.
You usually highlight and right click an individual entry to edit it, or highlight and click the 'Remove/delete' button to delete it altogether.

Here's what it looks like in Firefox Options>Privacy & Security - clicking on 'Saved Logins' will give another screen showing all your saved usernames/passwords. But of course I'm not going to show you that screen from my computer as it has all my logins visible.


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