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Need Help! PDF Files covered with "c"s and brooms !!

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OMG ! I always use CCleaner. Today I was updating and somehow installed the 'wrong ccleaner' . I have always used ccleaner because it's so easy and I'm a dummy when it comes to computers. Unfortunately, I have to use a computer everyday and it is VERY IMPORTANT that I don't loose anything on it. HELP !! 

When the update was done - half of the files on my computer are covered with a Red Circle, White Center, Red c Inside, and a Broom !

I don't know what this means ! I'm afraid that it's trying to delete the files that it's covering. I don't want it. I just want the regular old ccleaner. What do I  do?

Also - I've never used a forum before - so I'm sorry if I'm doing this wrong.

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Unfortunately you clicked too fast and installed the additional CCleaner Browser.

Please read the "How to fix it" post from nukecad:



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Fix in progress.  Note that if you aren't editing your PDFs in Adobe Acrobat itself, but usually just read them in a web browser, then double-clicking to open those files will still open as usual - but in the CCleaner Browser instead.  The change of file icon has proven to be quite startling to users - fix in progress on that too.

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