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Dead (non-booting) HDD plugged into another PC as 2nd drive, hoping to scrape data but getting message "Unable to determine file system type"

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I have a Window 7 laptop that has some important data and hasn't been backed up in a while and just stopped booting (I know, I know, just a perfect storm of circumstances). I removed the HDD and plugged it into a working W10 Pro PC via SATA. I couldn't get Disk Management to see the drive, but I think Recuva might be seeing it as Local Drive (\\.\HarddiskVolume2). But when I try to run a scan I get the message

[\\.\HarddiskVolume2] Unable to determine file system type.

Any gurus out there have any advice on what I should do at this point?

Many thanks in advance!

Dan G

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I am getting a similar error message on one of my hard drives.  I would like to be able to scrape what data I can off of it.  Like Dan G., any inside information would be most welcome.

Martin J.


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