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I have the pro version, it runs very slow last week it took 23 hours, same drive this week 54% after 9.5 hours.  Does anyone have a fix.  I have win 10 update to the lasted, 32 mem, 

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How big is your hard drive?
Large drives (multiple terrabites) can take a long time for a full defrag, especially if there are a lot of smaller files to move about.

Instead of a full drive reorgansiation many of us just defragment the specific files that are fragmented - try this:

Ananlyze - View Files (or open the file tab) - then check (or highlight) the specific files you want to defrag - and select 'Defrag Checked' (or Defrag Highlighted).

That defragments only the specific fragmented files rather than reorganising the whole disk, so it's much quicker to do.

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