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No progress after 3 days

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Hi all.

I have a 1TB drive that lost its partition for some unknown reason.

I re-formatted it and tried to recover files with recuva.

After 3 days it shows 40 files found and 0 % progress.

If I cancel the scan the list of found files shows approximately 340 files found.

I am running a deep scan. Any suggestions as to what I can do?



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A deep scan on a big drive will indeed take a very long time.

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Simply reading a 1 tb disk (at around 150 mb a sec) should take about two hours, if my maths is correct. Recuva does rather more, it runs a normal scan first (which should be a few minutes only) and during the deep scan has to correlate the used (live) clusters with the unused, compare the first section of each cluster with a table of known file headers, build up a list in memory of what valid files it has found, and do all the other things I can't think of at the moment or just don't know about. In any event three days is silly. I doubt if anything good will come if Recuva ever finishes, but what it's doing heaven only knows. I guess it's an HDD, USB?

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