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Nightmare with CCleaner Licenses

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I accidentally purchased multiple CCleaner licenses. You should be careful not to do this, as it has caused me a nightmare because I keep getting notices that my license is expiring when it is an old license that is expiring not the latest one. I have tried to get instructions on how to register the latest license without success. I need step by step instructions, and I mean step by step. Boot CCLeaner, click this, click that, click this, click that, etc. What a mess this has become. It has gone on for months without being resolved. I am at the point that I will just uninstall CCleaner and buy something else that is not so much hassle.

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While the folks here on the public forum can probably give you general advice on what to do, your best route would probably be customer support (support@ccleaner.com) since they can see the details of your account.

What is most likely that you'll need to do though is:

  1. Go into CCleaner Options > About > Upgrade to Pro
  2. Enter your name and Copy-Paste the license key from the confirmation email of your most recent order and hit "Register"

... and then you should see your expiry date showing as sometime in 2020.

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