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Increasing C Drive

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I am looking for a product to increase my C drive - taking away from my D drive.  I have found many but not sure what wont harm my computer.  I trust CCleaner - been using it since the start.  So figured I would ask here for advice



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i would do that only with a new set up of the whole system - new os-install


because of the contiguous partition sections of the hard drive and the associated access times

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You can do it manually using the disk management tools built into Windows.

But it's a bit of work and entails deleting D (or another partition) to create some free space, then expanding C into part of that free space, then re-creating a smaller D.
Here's a guide to doing it (from a company that has it's own repartitioning tool):

I've never used one of the advertised tools, the few times I've wanted to repartition a drive I've used the built in Windows tools.
I have seen decent reviews about the one in the above link but have never used it, there is a free or a paid for version - your best bet is to read the reviews of a few of them yourself, particularly on technical sites and computer magazine websites.

Whatever you do then if you are going to attempt this you should make a clone/mirror image of your drive before starting. (using Macrium Reflect or similar).
That way if it goes wrong then you have the clone/mirror as a backup.

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Why not just move some of your data folders to the D drive? That would be the same as 'taking away' space from the D drive, and exceedingly easy.

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