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C Cleaner and pre-launching and pre-loading.

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I regularly use CCleaner on IE and Edge but for the first time today I received a message telling me that Edge could not be cleaned because I need to disable pre-launching and pre- loading. I am directed to here:


I appreciate that there are other posts on this subject but why has this problem affected me for the first time today and how long will the fix take that is referred to on the web page?

Easy Clean works but assume that it is not cleaning Edge. I am very reluctant to start playing around with my computer's settings. Also it is odd that these two items do not appear in the Start Up menu.

Any thoughts please?

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If you don't open Edge before cleaning, you will get that message. It's the way Windows works now... Just make sure to open Edge at least once and then close it before cleaning.

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The registry "tweak" is a more permanent solution, well that is up until they official dump the Edge version based upon Chromium/Chrome.

What I've listed in here works:

And yes open, then close Edge is a workaround I use myself. Silly that we have to do it, but oh well that's Windows.

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