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Cookies no longer display in the Cookies menu

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Today I launched CCleaner (version 5.51.7644--the latest) and went to make some changes to cookies I save and found that CCleaner no longer shows the active cookies on my system.  I'm running the latest Firefox (66.0.3 32-bit) as my browser.  As far as I'm aware, the only change I've made to anything in my system is renaming the pinned Taskbar shortcut for Firefox (it was "Firefox (2)" and I renamed it to "Firefox").  I'm not sure what y'all may need to troubleshoot this problem, but just ask away.

I have upgraded CCleaner recently to the current (Latest as far as I'm aware) version.  I simple in-place overwrite when I upgrade.  I haven't uninstalled CCleaner once since I originally installed it on my system.  That's a simple enough task, I can start there if someone thinks it will help.

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