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I've updated but the update page still appears

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Earlier this month (having not updated CCleaner Free for a long time), I was informed I needed to update.  So I downloaded ccsetup555_rtb.exe and ran it.  CCleaner now says I'm running CCleaner Free v5.55.7109 (64-bit).  However, whenever I log into Windows, Firefox (my default browser) pops up with the CCleaner download page ().  This is despite the fact I didn't last have that page open in Firefox (the browser remembers your last page).  How can I stop this?

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7 hours ago, axelf04 said:

when i check for update it says there is a new version


but on the builds page latest version is 5.56.7144


5 hours ago, User12345 said:

Same story for me.
Ive already have the last version but CCleaner still asking me to update.

I've pointed the developers to this version mis-match

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Andavari, thanks for your suggestion.  I've downloaded the latest version and no longer have this problem.  It seems I had updated on the 5th April, and the current version came out on the 9th.


duchess, you're welcome!



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