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Pictures found, recovered files unusable

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Hello everybody, I hope someone can help me with following issue:

Deleted the pictures folder in Windows OS. Was too big for Recycler, so I permanently deleted it. Next thing happened, my backup is no longer available. Now I try to recover the pictures (7.2GB) using Recuva.

Everything looks nice, a lot of files in good / excellent condition are found - I recover them on external drive, but no picture recovered is uable. When I try to open it, Windows Picture Viewer gives error for corrupted file or too large.

Detalis of my drive c:\ : 256GB SSD with Bitlocker enabled - suspended for recovery, Compression enabled. Might this be an issue for Recuva?

Best and thanks in advance,  Mathias

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With TRIM enabled on the O/S and SSD the chance of recovering any deleted file from an SSD is just about zero. Recuva will scan the MFT to reetrieve the file names and cluster addresses, which still exist. The clusters will however be filled with zeroes. In Advanced Mode if you look at the file headers this should confirm the zeroes. Recuva will recover these zero clusters quite happily, but they are of no use. A professional data recovery service might be able to recover some of the files, at a cost, by reading the nand chips natively.

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