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notepad problem

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This has popped up as I start my PC...image.thumb.png.479ef315b0bf935ad59b452c9d8e2edd.png

I have gone thru comd as administrator to solve the problem and it goes away only to come back when I restart.  Is there something about ccleaner that might be doing this? I use ccleaner to remove cookies and trackers.

Ideas appreciated.

Thank you

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This is a Windows problem caused by the file being in one or more of 3 locations, it's not because of something that CC has removed.

The simplest cure is to locate and delete that file form the rouge location, or to disable it from startup.

Both methods are explained in this Windows Support article: https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/help/330132/notepad-starts-with-shellclassinfo-localizedresourcename-systemroot-sy

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