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Do not SEE the Difference!

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Hello There!
I had purchased the professional edition recently, and OUT OF cleaning the browser when I close one to open another browser, I DO NOT SEE a great difference with the free edition I used for a lot of years before . Reaching to the day of renew the product, if it is today I return to the free edition!
Thank for anyone explaning to me WHAT I AM MISSING!

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What Pro has that Free doesn't:

Scheduling, Smart Cleaning (Monitoring), Cleaning multiple user profiles, Automatic Updating, the new Software Updater will fetch updates automatically.
Pro also entitles you to direct email support from Piriform rather than asking on the forum.

The cleaning they do is exactly the same, as are all the other tools.

If you don't need or want those extra features then just don't renew your subscription.
(The Pro features should continue to work except for the the direct support and the Automatic updating . Though that's a bit under debate at the moment).

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