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New app with "recents" to clean

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Hey all:

Long time CCleaner Pro user.  On version 1.15.507 for Mac.

I'm able to select various apps to clean, but would also like to select Adobe Acrobat Reader DC for removal of "recents" like I can with MS Word for example.

Is there a way to add this to the "Cleaner-Applications" tab?  Or a way to add other applications?

-I can't figure out what file the recently opened files updates but am hoping you have...




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Adobe Reader DC should already be on your applications tab, under 'Applications' along with the MS office entries.

(TBH I have it unchecked because on my setup it only removes 3 font files that Reader just recreates again).

Not quite the same as clearing the list but -

If you open Reader DC and go to Edit>Preferences>Documents you can set the 'Documents in recently used list' to zero.

That way you will never have anything in the recent list.

(I used to have the file location for the recents list, but I believe that Adobe changed it).

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