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No Software Updater in CCleaner

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Not sure but I think that it may have been pulled because of errors/complaints.

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I do confirm too. After having seen for one time this software update tool, I attempted to use it but it did not work (error + infinite refresh). Thereafter I rebooted my system, launches it with a /DEBUG parameter but the tool disappeared from the menu!!! (no more yellow dot).

What makes me questioning how this is possible:  the software version remained the same (5.55.7108) and there was no notification of an update...

Or does the tool appears only if some required updates are detected? Ugly.

I upgraded my other PC to version 5.55.7108 version, the update software tool was proposed in the menu on my other PC.

I used it to perform the proposed updates and thereafter the tool disappeared from the menu!!!


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I don't personally think that users should be required to mess with the registry in order to turn a feature on.

It is up to Piriform to sort this out.

Someone  from them should be available at weekends to deal with things like this especially when people have paid money for the software. 

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Interesting find TwistedMetal.

That key did not exist at all in my registry, obviously something had removed it which would be why the updater had stopped showing for me.
I'm only guessing here but it may have been Windows Patch Tuesday update that removed it? I can't remember if it dissapeared from my CCleaner before or after the Windows PT update.

Re-creating the key brought the software updater back into CCleaner.
Once there it can be switched on/off as you say.

Note to non-technical members. - Don't mess about in the registry unless you know what you are doing.

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After a bit of checking and comparing the time of my post about it going missing to when the PT update installed I'd now say the Windows PT update is the prime suspect for removing that key and thus the display of the Software Updater feature.

Wonder if Piriform have worked that out yet?

Oddly after manually recreating just that one key I now have some others which seem to relate to Quick Clean and a few other features.
(These will now give a bit of play time investigating them).

Edit2 - Yes I can now turn the Quick Clean trial on and off as well, not tested the others yet.

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