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disable new program updater feature

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I have the same question. How do I disable that annoying as hell updater pop up?

I had to spend over 10 minutes trying to get through your damned captcha bulls**t just to make a stupid acct to try and find out how to do this.

I will not hesitate to uninstall this muthaFu__er I've been using Ccleaner for years, got my entire family & some friends using it also.

I'll give you a month to disable the pop-up yourself or give me an option to do it. After that I'll just uninstall the sob

I wasn't this mad until i had to endure the unnecessary psychological abuse from your captcha system.
fix it or don't. IF you do not fix it, I simply uninstall and recommend the same to my family and friends.

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I didn't get the pop up for approx 5 days after I posted my message. I thought they fixed it-wrong. It stared up again yesterday-very annoying. I agree if they don't fix it pretty soon I will do away with CCleaner.

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