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Windows 10 Still having Compatability issues

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I followed this article from Support.Piriform.com to figure out why I couldn't get the latest version of CCleaner.


I have a paid version of CCleaner.

I downloaded a fresh copy of the update from that link and told it to update. I have version 5.53.7034 and I'm trying to update to version 5.55.7108, which CCleaner is telling me is the latest version. When I click on Update Now and start the installation process, I get this error:

"Error opening file for writing: C:/Program Files/CCleaner/CCleaner64.exe
Click Abort to stop the installation, Retry to try again, or Ignore to skip this file."

I've tried Retry a bunch of times, I've tried Ignore a couple of times, which continues the installation, but then gives me a second error (below) and the opportunity to Abort/Retry/Ignore. If I Ignore that error, too, it cancels the installation and nothing happens.


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1 hour ago, hazelnut said:

I had already tried a bunch of the suggestions on the list before you shared it. What finally worked was killing nearly every active app in Task Manager and then running the .exe from the Downloads folder. So, problem fixed. Thank you!

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