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Michel Vanderbeke

Scanning registry fails on a particular error.

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When scanning the registry an error "ActiveX/COM-fout InProcServer32\C:\Program Files\Norton Security\Norton Security with Backup\Engine\\McStatus.dll HKCR\CLSID\{09D32393-10DA-4eca-91AA-AD11C69DB966}" appears.

After fixing the issue, it disappears in the list, but when I scan again, the error appears again on the list.

The only way I can delete permanently that error is to start Windows in secure mode and then scanning the registry and fixing the issue. Then the error is removed permanently.

After a several updates of Norton Security, the error appears again. So again I have to start Windows in secure mode to remove the error.

How can I fix this registry error without having to start Windows in secure mode?

Many thanks and greetings,




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