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Can Recuva be used to delete files that it has found?

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Lost the MFT on my internal aux. storage drive and the only way I can see the files now is by using Recuva. Drive had been running "maxed out"  with zero (0) space available.

Now it has a MFT problem and refuses to run chkdsk due to lack of space available. sigh

I need to free up some space on this drive so that hopefully chkdsk can can put the MFT back in order.

Thanks much.

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No. Recuva can search for and display undeleted files, but it won't delete them, for fairly obvious safety reasons. Can't you open Explorer and delete something?

If Explorer is a no-goer then you might be able to use CCleaner to release some space. You can run the portable version from a flash drive without having to install it. If it runs then try a simple task to empty the recycler, run a normal clean, clean cookies, clear old restore points. This might give you some breathing space.

Or expand the partition if you have the space available.

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