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Ability to navigate to group from endpoint UI

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Hi, So far, I love the capability of CCleaner cloud not only in cleaning but also events. So thanks!

I have suggestion I would really appreciate. I have many computers and the use of groups is a great way to keep them straight. But, if Im working on a particular group and all the computers within the group there is no easy way to navigate from the computer UI, back to the group. This means that I have to go back to the computers, then open the group then select the next computer in the group I want to address.

My suggestion: Add the group in the breadcrumb at the top of the Computer UI. I expect that this would take me back to the My Computers UI with the specific group selected in the breadcrumb expanded. This would certainly make me happy!



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Thanks for your suggestion, the developers look at threads and often will add suggested features.  They however, may remain silent, which is not a sign of their interest in the idea.

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