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CCleaner 5.52 Update fails

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For a number of weeks, I have been prompted to update CCleaner (5.51.6939 - 64bit) to the latest version (5.52.6967) but each time that I attempt to update, it fails in the 'setup' stage and displays a dialogue box "Error opening file for writing: >Path to the location of the .exe file<" followed by 3 options to either: Abort / Retry / Ignore. (Screenshot attached)

I have, over this period, tried each of the A/R/I options - none of which were successful.

Via this forum I have seen a couple of 'suggestions' which very loosely were close to my error and I have tried them, one being to disable Malwarebytes Premium (never had to do this before) and the latest being to download CCleaner 'Slim'. Both, as I say, were attempted and both resulted in the same outcome.

I am a long time user and advocate of CCleaner but this is now getting tiresome, I have more important work to getting on with rather than trying time after time to get this irritating update applied. Any suggestions/resolution would be appreciated!

CCleaner 552 Error.png

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Just now, PSM17H said:

Hazlenut: Are you sure you are not a witch?

That suggestion cured it - thank you!

No, I'm just a hazelnut :) 

Glad to hear you are up and running again.

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