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CPU temp not shown

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My CPU temperature does no longer show up after I upgraded to Win 10 1809. Also there is a weird chipset thing going on. I'm sure it wasn't there before. 


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check if there is a BIOS update for that motherboard.

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It is not a bios issue. windows did a have a update, and after that, the program does not work like it did. Something in the program needs to be updated and a update needs to be worked on asap.

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Just like the other reports in this thread I have the same problem.

I imagine a number of other Speccy Users also have this issue. I will create a bug report to go with this post.

When you are watching overall PC temperatures then the CPU and Motherboard temps are quite important measurements.

To help with more info I installed Speedfan which can read PC temps and it showed my CPU as 128 degC (un-rounded value is 127.5) which I did not believe so starting the PC up new on the next day I checked Speedfan and the CPU temp was still 128 degC. This seems to indicate a reading problem.

The same reading problem may be true for Speccy.

As other people have this same problem with Speccy and CPU + Motherboard temps then it is not likely to be a hardware issue in my PC but more likely as previously surmised it has come about from a Windows update.

It would be really nice if this were fixed in Speccy but maybe it works fine in most cases and these are just isolated incidents.

I use Speccy v1.32.740 (64 bit). Please let me know if this version works fine for you. Thanks.

Updated: I searched for another product to read CPU temperatures just for my piece of mind that there was no hardware issue and was happy to see there was no hardware problem. Image added showing results from "Real Temp".

Speccy with no CPU or MB temps.JPG

Speedfan readings at pc startup.JPG

Real Temp CPU.JPG

Edited by Sammy22
Added new image showing CPU Temps

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