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Secure wipe for external hard drives

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I am wiping two external hard drives, not SSDs. It appears that CCleaner assumes any external hard drive is an SSD. It's easy to override the warning, but if CCleaner could detect what kind of hard drive is attached, it would remove a tiny bit of confusion. CCleaner v5.46.6652 64bit Win 10 64bit.

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CCleaner and Defraggler for many years now have both had issues detecting SSDs correctly.

every now and then they will wrongly report your drive type, either as HDD or SSD when it is the other.

it has been reported to Admins multiple times, they have even commented on the matter once or twice.

there has been no official word on any sort of fix.

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They may need to implement into their software the ability for the user to override the incorrect detection. However if that's ever a possibility it would likely also need to phone home the user choice/change and store it in a database. Then when there's enough of them for a particular drive(s) to guarantee the change is correct they could have a database that all of their programs could use or download.

Even Windows 10 can get it wrong, for instance I have an external/portable 1TB hard disk it must think is a USB stick/thumb drive (or something else) and won't optimize it, good thing there's third-party defrag tools in that instance.

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