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manual update not work 100% windows10 ccl pro

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I am bit disappointed to settings of cc-cleaner professional in windows10.

There is settings to updates automatic or manual.

Without clicking this check updates link, down right corner, cc-cleaner offers new update. This means program works in background ways that are not allowed in

settings. In settings, this is put to manual check for updates only. There i have put nothing to automatically work in background.

Only browser i use most, that is clean automatically after closing. 


I see this as major bug, if this type settings not work as they say. Good updates are offered but user should be able to trust in settings so program not do malware type actions,

something else that is promised.


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My interpretation of it is it's probably like that so you'll know when a new version is available that you can then:
Manually download, virus scan, and then install on your own. That way it will still be respecting that you don't want a new version to magically appear on your system without your consent.

Then again it's all up to individual interpretations.

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Yes, although i am not sure, if update check could be then happen only when i click open cc-cleaner program,

because it offers me then new update in middle of page? (if available update)

So i can not say for sure, if program is working too much compared to my settings, in background.

But i would like it work that way, i can decrease operations i myself think are not needed to check too often.



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