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Marco Poloq

Trojan detected Ccleaner install 5.52 [ Win32/Emali.A!c ]

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Hello all,

I have updated CCLEANER with the last version 5.52. I followed the official link sent by the CCLEANER Software notification.  My antivirus Windows Defender has detected an important problem :  Trojan:Win32/Emali.A!cl and put the program on quarantain. But the update was done ... :unsure:

HERE : file: C:\Users\XXXXXX\Downloads\ccsetup552.exe

I don't really know if i had to keep the program installed in my computer or remove all.

Do you have an idea about that problem ?

Thank you for your help and have a good day


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The Standard installer from Piriform here is not being detected by Windows Defender with Threat definition version 1.283.3221.0 on my Win10 system.

The VirusTotal scan is at:

Here's the file Hash:

Filename          : ccsetup552.exe
MD5               : B62D4496CEE15094AC4C82785DFA7A06
SHA1              : CAB1D85A3FFB4F255E7847C892587D160831B86F
CRC32             : E34B9382
SHA-256           : 04B7AB2B5062D01EA640279CBC5D1977DF32420A9962FB254ACF3EA7948D2D7B
SHA-512           : 428694AEEB782137EBC003B7FFB1EE244199CFDE9AFA3EFC92733F1789F25D982836314569FF524B7C0C589C394354D3ED6961563C2C61F3B178AF804497FF55
SHA-384           : BB14DEC00C8FFA3090934567975879BE4731BD3B1DB286FC4FB9DF7CF81B9EFB96A1C80F604857A46ECCE9AF47A846BC
Full Path         : E:\Downloads\ccsetup552.exe
Modified Time     : 1-18-2019 9:46:15 AM
Created Time      : 1-18-2019 9:46:13 AM
Entry Modified Time: 1-18-2019 9:46:15 AM
File Size         : 19,341,880
File Version      :
Product Version   :
Identical         :
Extension         : exe
File Attributes   : A

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