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v5.51.6939 not deleting cookies on close in Opera Browser

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I'm using v5.51.6939 PRO with Opera, Windows 10 64 bit, and CCleaner no longer cleans the cookies after closing, as set in the Smart Cleaning panel.  Worked fine for the last two years, so seems the last update is the cause.  Anyone else having this issue?   Update:  After posting this and not changing any settings (that I know of) it is now working!  

ccleaner smart cleaning 1.jpg

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I had the same problem. It seems that you have to delete the webbdata manually in Opera. 

I have been reading about Opera, and it seems that is now owned by a company where the shareholders are Some Chinese company.
There was also an article who mentioned the first try China made to buy Opera. So now they may have changed a lot in the browser.

It was working fine for many years before, but then suddenly it crashed with no means to uninstall/install it like any other browsers.
Even if I use The IOBil Uninstaller Pro, which usually cleans out residual files, those files were locked. I had to make myself owner to the folders and  remove them manually. This is a common problem with many Chinese softwares. And like QQ, WhChat and other apps it is very hard to get rid of.

Opera is OpenSource bat a part of it is their own developed part. In China the log every thing and have a huge staff of controllers watching your activity.
I became aware of that when visiting China for many years.

So now I am going back to Firefox again.

I don't know if CCleaner really can unlock these folders?


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