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Crash when accessing Toshiba Hdwe140

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The HDWE140 4GB drive is advertised as a hybrid drive, and is definitely not an SSD drive.  When I try to benchmark this drive Defraggler crashes.  Looking at the  map that comes up, it seems that something rearranges the disk blocks so that all the free space is at the end.  However I can not see if there is any fragmentation.  I needed to have a large contiguous space for Photoshop cache storage.  Strange, I just tried Defraggler Benchmark on it and it worked!  It also showed an almost perfectly defragged drive with only 1 block with fragmented files.  I suspect that the drive does its own defragging.

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The peculiar thing about fragmentation, and defraggers, is that you never actually look at the storage device in any detail.

The cluster map is created entirely from the Master File Table and the Cluster Bitmap (and perhaps a few other meta data bits)  - it's a logical construct created by defraggers who, after loading those two files, don't need to access the drive at all.

Fragmentation, or the lack of it, is defined in the MFT, not at the disk level. It's another logical construct created by the Windows File Manager NTFS. Files too are logical constructs existing soley in the mind of the MFT. The storage device knows nothing of files, folders, fragmentation or free space.

The disk doesn't defrag itself. It can't, for the reasons given above. If it did then you would never be able to access a file again through the MFT.

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