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Total Cookie Removal

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Today I looked at the cookies page in CC Cleaner.  there are hundreds of them.

Since I can not identify most of the cookies and who they are hooked to should I just delete them all?

Thank you

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That's the way to go to start with.

If there are 'hundreds' then you have done a lot of browsing since you last cleared them. (or haven't cleaned them before).

Let CCleaner delete them all for you.

If you then find that something on a webpage you visit regularly is not how you like it next time you visit you should be able to look at the "Cookies on Computer" again and there won't be hundreds, so it will be easier to see which one(s) you should move to "Cookies to Keep".

Once you have the cookie(s) for that website in the "Keep" list it will not be cleared and so your settings for that site should remain the same.

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