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Ccleaner skipping internet temp files etc.

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recently when cleaning using ccleaner it does not clean internet explorer. When I click clean the result is skipped for temp files, cookies etc.

Any idea why please?

version 5.35 ccleaner free.

Has worked fine up to now.

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Your ccleaner is very old, updating to the latest version may well fix your issue.

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Something is still using the ie files when you are cleaning, because of this they are still 'open' and so CCleaner has to skip them.

Firstly I would check in Task Manager that ie and Edge are not still running in the background.

But it's not just ie/Edge that could be using those files, many other Microsoft applications use them as a convienient place to temporarily store things.
(Some 3rd party apps will also do it).

So even if ie itself is closed, something else may be using it's storage files and preventing them from being cleaned/deleted.

I've never seen a full list of all applications that can do this, but Skype, Outlook, and other MS applications are (have been) known to do it.

Just which applications are doing it on your machine will take a bit of investigation.
Again Task Manager is a good place to look and see which MS applications are still running in the background.

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