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Ccleaner not cleaning custom location

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I have listed an additional location for CCleaner to clean but this is being skipped and I now have to remove the files/folders manually.
The custom location has been listed in CCleaner for years and I have not had to "clean" it manually before.

The custom location is not beeing 'seen' by CCleaner when running a analysis.

Any suggestion?

Thank you.

CCleaner Pro v5.48.6834
Windows 10


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52 minutes ago, hazelnut said:

Would you care to list what it is that you have listed for the custom clean?

I have created a 'TEMP' folder within 'Downloads' for downloads and all browsers are set to download to this location.
I then move the downloads I want to save to their respective location and I have set CCleaner to clear this TEMP folder (pic att).



Edit: I have checked the Adavnced settings and noticed that the box for 'Custom Files and Folders' is no longer ticked.
Considering that I run CCleaner from the taskbar and do not open the program itself, I cannot explain how the box would become unticked.

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