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Microsoft Bug is Deactivating Windows 10 Pro Licenses and Downgrading to Home

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Cheers Hazel, 

I do like the statement that-

"our engineers are working tirelessly to resolve this issue."

Is that an admission that the wheels have come off?

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1 hour ago, hazelnut said:

The latest little Windows bug (just in case it happens to any members)


Hazelnut , thank you for the information. no problem for me so far. is there a place to rate your post in Piriform ? i didn't see one , but i appreciate the work you do and letting us all know this. Sincerely , Don Barajas




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We don't have a post rating system here dbarajas.

We just all try to help each other :)


Hot off the press.. apparently Microsoft says they have fixed it, this bit is supposed to be working correctly now

Go to Settings (via Action center > All settings or Windows key + i)
Navigate to Update & Security > Activation
Click the link for the troubleshooter


We are saved !!! (until the next issue/bug:lol:)


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15 hours ago, hazelnut said:

Microsoft is fun !!!


No. They make overly complex closed-source bug ridden software & OSes that's obviously a chore for them to bug fix and patch security holes in -- and we're the test subjects, and we pay for it as the OS price is baked into a new PC price.

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