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cleaner not cleaning (completely)

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I can run the cleaner 12 to 20 times in a row.

It always finds 2 to 5 tracking cooking to delete and anwhere from 2 to 6.0 MB of un-needed files to delete.


It either can't fine them all the first time or it leaves it own un-needed files when it runs.

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Firstly 'Tracking Files' are not what you or I would call tracking files.
Tests have shown that the 'Summary' user interface in CCleaner now calls every file found  to clean a 'tracking' file.

Change it in Options>Advanced to show 'Advanced Report' instead, that will tell you what it is finding instead of trying to scare you.

The others (or maybe the same files) will be temporary files that get recreated as soon as you delete them.

My favourite explanation is the box on your desk-

Someone puts a box, or two or more, on your desk to put rubbish in, these boxes fill up over time.
You throw the box(es) away to get rid of all the rubbish.
Someone immediately puts new boxes, the same size, on your desk but these are now empty until what you do fills them up again.

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