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More Tracking and Data Gathering?

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2 hours ago, Andavari said:

With 32-bit you never know how long support will "last", they can "promise" something and then out of nowhere cut the cord.

100% agree with that.  The older things get the harder it is to keep them going.

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On 10/28/2018 at 22:08, Aethernaut said:

I noticed that when CCleaner was running (monitoring was supposedly switched off and I'd supposedly opted out of everything else) my machine constantly contacted:


There appears to be nothing at ip-info.ff.avast.com but a search for the URL found a reference to http://ip-info.ff.avast.com/v1/info in an Avast support forum. This does work and going to the address displays accurate data under each of the below headings:

ip address - continent - continentCode - country - countryName - City - timezone - latitude - longitude - isp* - asnNumber* - asnOrganization* - organization* - postalCode

Headings marked * relate to my ISP, the rest are personal (including lattitude, longitude and postcode).

I have not determined what data the other URLs are after, however I notice that analytics.ff.avast.com is included in tracking blocklists.

Now uninstalled and the whole avast.com domain is blocked outgoing until I am happy it has actually gone.

Getting back to Aethernaut's original question about location and IP address tracking, have the v5.49.6856 (12 Nov 2018), v5.50.6911 (29 Nov 2018) or v5.51.6939 (13 Dec 2018) updates given users any additional control over how this data is collected?  If not, does Avast have any plans to include a setting in a future release to allow users to opt out of this type of tracking?

My understanding is that the new update settings in v5.50.6911 now allow users to disable the CCleaner Emergency Updater that was introduced back in v5.36.6278 (see the AskVG article [Tip] Customize and Control CCleaner Automatic Updates Settings) but I can't see any new settings to disable the collection of tracking data that Avast employee Stephen Piriform discussed in his 29-Oct-2018 post <here> in this thread.

After reading employee Stephen Piriform's response, I still don't understand the justification for collecting this type of location tracking data with CCleaner - it's a disk cleaning utility, not a real-time antivirus program.
32-bit Vista Home Premium SP2 * Firefox ESR v52.9.0 * Norton Security Premium v22.15.1.8 * CCleaner Portable v5.47.6716

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1 hour ago, lmacri said:

I still don't understand the justification for collecting this type of location tracking data with CCleaner

Seems to be a very popular thing for allot of software (including hardware) to do that and it isn't nothing new. Perhaps the GDPR has shined a very powerful light upon it.

The problem with it speaking in general about any software or hardware that has tracking being "non-identifiable" the information could likely become identifiable once a known behavior is logged (which is what I think upsets all of us). Such as example: Device-1 is logged as being used the most at Point-A everyday/weekly/monthly which could deduce based upon an educated guess that the person lives at Point-A -- hard to state it's still "non-identifiable" then which is often briefly covered in the software/hardware privacy policy or other agreements we click upon Yes to "comply" with since we could become identifiable.

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It's the nature of 'identifiable individual' that seems to be a blind spot for some companies.

The usual response is "We are not collecting your name or address, so the information collected is anonymous".

Of course it isn't and can still be connected to an Individual, even if not by name.

GDPR tries to cover this issue, but it's taking some companies time to realise it. (Especially when they don't want to).
GDPR specifically includes the term ‘online identifiers’ within the definition of what constitutes personal data.

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