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Paul 1384 ATL

DeFraggler Scheduling - Correct Setup - Examples?

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Yesterday I joined and posted this question as a reply what I found as the closest post to this topic - but that was to a post in 2011.  It was late (then) and since now (today) I'm not seeing any reply activity, I did a more thorough search of this topic/question.  Not finding more recent (I still may have missed something), I'm starting this 'new' topic/question hoping I'll generate some feedback & interest that way:

I'm trying to Schedule Defraggler. I've been through the GUI and while I'm NOT believing nothing worked, I can't find any proof it ran as I'd set it up? Opening the W7 Defragmenter always shows a date/timestamp of any successful scheduled run - AFTER the fact - even when I wasn't there to see it. And I saw a reply to a post where it was promised (back in 2010!) to include this in the log files for a future release? So I'm looking for something - anything to show me how to see if my schedule ran? I'm not keeping the app open either, while scheduled, as I quote below where it says NOT to...

Is there some "syntax" example for the Task Scheduler as referenced in the advanced documentation?  i.e. - Some established, bullet-proof resulting setup that I can work with & modify, knowing I can always fall back on that?  I'm  running v2.22 on W7 Ult x64 & I'm TRYING to setup both daily and weekly schedules for several drives, with the type (of Defrag) depending on the drive and how its used.  I also found these instructions in the online help documentation:

    Defraggler requires the Windows Task Scheduler service to be running for scheduling to work.
    Defraggler runs as a scheduled Windows task. You can view the task in the Scheduled Tasks applet from the Control Panel.
    The scheduled run will not occur if the Defraggler window is already open - even if the Defraggler window is idle.
    Defraggler has two versions: Defraggler.exe, the program with a graphical interface, and df.exe, a 'silent' program that runs without any visible notification. df.exe is the version of Defraggler that runs as a scheduled task.

Maybe there's a way I can follow these rules - but HOW?  I just don't have that working "Windows Scheduled Task" as a reference that runs Defraggler and I can't anything more in the online documentation. I know what to look-for because I've found it for the W7 built-in Defragmenter when it's scheduled. Will this "Task" somehow be "magically created" after I parcel-out the scheduling setup in the Defraggler GUI?  Does it always do this correctly - more or less, and if not, is there some EXAMPLE I can see that most always works or can get me started? I'm just NOT wanting to execute this manually every time I need to Defrag. It's what I count-on: "Set it and forget it" - like anti-malware.

I'm just trying to connect the dots between Defraggler and this W7 Task Scheduler Service so any help would be much appreciated - Thx!

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